Healthcare Resources

Illinois and our local city, township, and county municipalities provide a number of resources with healthcare. Please contact the below organizations directly for more details on their services, and feel free to contact us if you we can help you navigate any of these resources.


If you know of any other resources we should add, please let us know us know by contacting us at

County Health Departments

These health departments offer a wide variety of services to their residents, such as information on COVID-19, behavioral health services, eye exams, and more!

Connect for Life

This program is aimed at Naperville residents who are struggling with addiction. For more information, please go to their website.​

Almost Home Kids

Almost Home Kids is an organization that helps children and their families transition from hospital to home. Please visit their site to learn more about what they do:

Disability Services by City

Naperville and Warrenville both have pages with a variety of resources, including support services, for people with disabilities. Not all of their resources are for one specific city, so take a look at both!

Sampling of recently passed healthcare legislation

  • HB0119 Prescription drug repository for safe donation of prescription drugs

  • HB2595 Requires insurance to cover treatment for mental illness

  • HB0135 Insurance Code for Birth Control

  • HB0711 Prior Authorization Reform Act

  • HB1063 Changes in Illinois Sexually Transmissible Disease Control Act

  • HB1779 Insurance Biomarker Testing

  • HB3308 Insurance coverage of Telehealth Services

Sampling of healthcare legislation from District 41

  • HB3445 Opioid Overdose Reduction

  • HB1778 Student ID Suicide Prevention Information

  • SB1854 Insurance coverage for A1C testing (diabetes) and Vitamin D testing