Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Illinois and our local city, township, and county municipalities provide a number of resources for a wide variety of people. Please contact the below organizations directly for more details on their services, and feel free to contact us if you we can help you navigate any of these resources.


If you know of any other resources we should add, please let us know us know by contacting us at info@repyangrohr.com.


NaperPride is a group that focuses on the LGBTQ+ community in Naperville and hosts events and discussions. Learn more about them at their website: www.naperpride.org/

Naperville Neighbors Unite

The NNU is a group that aims to build an inclusive community and runs events foster that sense of community. Take a look at their Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/NapervilleNeighborsUnited/?ref=page_internal

Disabilities Resources

The City of Naperville has a page on their website (www.naperville.il.us/services/accessibility-resources/) that has a wide variety of resources available to those with disabilities, many of which are not limited to Naperville residents.

Warrenville also has a page with resources for their residents, visit it here at www.warrenville.il.us/413/Senior-Disabled-Services

Sampling of recently passed diversity- and inclusion-related legislation

  • HB0026 Internet Accessibility

  • HB0040 Special Ed Maximum Age through end of school year after age 22

  • HB0053 Investigates racial bias in Artificial Intelligence

  • HB0121 Prohibits work discrimination based on work authorization status

  • HB0132 Business Enterprise for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities Act

  • HB0376 Asian American History

  • HB1063 Criminal Law - Changes in IL Sexually Transmissible Disease Control Act

  • HB1838 Prohibits discrimination based on association with someone with a disability

  • HB2790 Public Defender for immigration

  • HB2908 Elected Chicago School Board

  • HB2914 DCFS Racial Disparities Report

  • HB3803 Fair Patient Collection Action

  • HB3922 Juneteenth

Sampling of diversity- and inclusion-related legislation from District 41

  • HB2616 Procurement CD exemption for assistive technologies

  • HB3208 Income Tax ABLE contributions