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2023 Legislative & Community Survey

February 2023

Dear Neighbor,


I hope you and your loved ones have been off to a great start in 2023! The new year brings the new 103rd General Assembly, and I am honored to continue being your voice in Springfield.


To truly represent you, I need to know what you care about and how you would like me to work on your behalf. To that end, I would greatly appreciate your taking the time to complete our 41st District Legislative and Community Survey.


Your responses on past surveys directly affected legislation and policy in Springfield. Because of your voice, we provided more funding for our schools and to those with developmental disabilities; we saved for our future and lowered fees and taxes for working families.


There is always more work to be done. With your help and input, I look forward to working together to build a stronger community and a better Illinois.



Janet Yang Rohr

State Representative | 41st District

Legislative & Community Survey

Understanding your priorities helps to ensure I can represent you and our community well in Springfield.  Thank you for taking the time to take this survey, and please feel free to pass it on to others in our District.

1.  District Overall Priorities

For the past two years, we’ve prioritized the work from the 41st District according to the below objectives. As we look forward to the next two years of the 103rd General Assembly, please rank 1-8 (1 = most important) what you believe my colleagues and I in the state Legislature should focus on:

  • Affordable Health Care

  • Sustainable Environment

  • Good Government

  • Women's Rights

  • Quality Education

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Business & Economy

  • Other

2.  Budget Priorities

Much of the policy we enact occurs in the state budget. Please rank 1-7 (1 = most important) how you would prioritize the below objectives when crafting a state budget:

  • Keep bill backlog down

  • Hold line on taxes

  • Invest in economic development

  • Provide more funding for schools

  • Save for the future

  • Stabilize pensions

  • Other

3.  Budget Surplus Actions

Illinois is projected to end the current 2023 fiscal year with a multi-billion dollar surplus. Please rank 1-6 (1 = most important) how you would prioritize the below objectives in managing this surplus:

  • Save in Rainy Day/ Budget Stabilization Fund

  • Pay down debt and other liabilities, such as pensions

  • Fund community initiatives, such as developmental disability programs, mental health grants, or capital projects

  • Return funds to taxpayers, focusing on those with lower incomes

  • Return funds to taxpayers, with no/ limited income-based parameters

  • Other

4. District Events

My office and I hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Which are the most useful and/or interesting to you and your family?

Choose from below and/or send additional suggestions:

5. Other Feedback and Ideas

Bonus Question: Chicago Bears and State Funding

Chicago Bears ownership has requested state funding to move the team to Arlington Heights from its current Soldier Field home. To what extent do you support Illinois taxpayers' providing such support, which can include grants, tax breaks, and/or capital investments for surrounding infrastructure?

1 = Strongly Opposed; 3 = Neutral; 5 = Strongly Support

Thank you for taking the time to let me know what matters to you.

Thanks for submitting!

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